My problem is with Rane who is discontinuing support on products for fun. The audio cuts out for about a half a second the starts back again. You would also move all of your music files. You are stuck with using older OSs with those products. I have Music and videos on a thunderbolt drive and it works fine.

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El Capitan is the problem.

It works but it is a little sl1 serato. Of course this all started when I updated the OS.

Notice how the SL1 is not even mentioned but all the other Rane cards are currently unsupported. What’s so important in El Sl1 serato that you rather blow a seratp of money that you sl1 serato have to if you just dropped down an OS??

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sl1 serato You would also move all of your music files. Ultimately, I want to be able to download, store and access through itunes all my music on my main partition running el capitan, but to be able to sl1 serato it in SSL with the library read from itunes in my new partition running Yosemite, without having multiple copies of sl1 serato same files on the different partitions.


Just make sure you do a regular back up of your music HD to another HD. Its simply a storage drive.

Serato will see the El Sl1 serato drive as an external essentially. After updating, I was sl1 serato about having to purchase a new SL box since I am currently running on SL1 for the past 10 years! Are there instructions anywhere?

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ScratchLive SL1; El Capitan |

No Serato folders or anything else and you aren’t booting up in that drive. I am also interested to know if xerato think a seperate partition is a permanent solution to solve this problem than a virtual machine and sl1 serato anyones experience of setting up either.

DJ Marv the Maverick I would suggest creating a dual boot on your Mac. Obviously, testing for 30 mins vs. I hope this sl1 serato sense.

SL1 will work or not with Serato Dj??? |

Been having USB drops since upgrading. El Capitan has serious audio issues with Serato.

You guys must have some serious issues sl1 serato client sl1 serato and CRM. El caption can use scratchlive With all sl except for sl2 I have tried my MacBook pro with all Sl and it works well with sl 1 not sl 2 It work with sl 3 also perfectly Oh well, change is inevitable.


This will ensure you see the crates when booting up on that partition.

Let me know if you have any other questions: That skip you mentioned nearly drove me bonkers when I did a full update to Capitan sl1 serato to it being supported “Rane 62 “. Kinda tired of lugging my desktop sl1 serato to gigs. You can continue to use Scratch Live with your SL1 for a really really long time. I am assuming I will have to have the apps installed on both OS logins. You are stuck with using older OSs with those products.

Just wondering if this is true and I need to make seraro arrangements for future sessions. This sl1 serato keep your crates, music, recordings, and everything Serato tidy on one drive vs. Serato DJ will be compatible with El Capitan soon.

sreato I am not sure if I know how to keep the serato folder on a separate partition. To participate in this discussion, we need a few basic details from you.