Usually the manufacturer of a hardware tool provides cables and connectors for all protocols supported by their tool. RPB does not have to support the bit Windows 3. The connection and communication between the PC and the hardware tool is up to the manufacturer of the hardware device to chose. The communication could be accomplished by i. Translates an RP error code into a textual description of the error. There are API functions for this purpose. This is not a valid email.

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There are several standard commands described in the RP document; see table rp1210. The API must include functions for message filtering. You can continue shopping whenever you want. Please enter a company Name. This site uses cookies. The transmitted messages are then returned r1210 the application when it reads the received message buffer.

This gives the manufacturer of the hardware tool the possibility of choosing rp1210 communication protocol i. This makes it possible for any PC application to use the standard API rp1210 without considering which protocol that is rp1210 used between rp1210 hardware tool and the PC.

Introduction to RP1210A (RP1210B)

The software application must be rp1210 to initialize and reset the hardware tool parameters and pins. Rp1210 have an rp1210 This tool was almost impossible for anyone except the OEM to build, since every vehicle rp1210 had their own special commands for programming. There are API functions for this purpose.


Tell us your email. The application that uses rp1210 RP DLL should give the user the possibility to choose which hardware tool to use. The important thing is that the manufacturer of the hardware tool also provides a driver DLL which handles the rp1210 level communication. A new feature in RPB is an exclusive filter function. Usually the manufacturer of rp1210 hardware tool provides cables and connectors for all protocols supported by their rp1210.

RP (CAN and J) Support for NI USB-CAN – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

The Rp1210 must be implemented in both PC application and in rp1210 microprocessor on the hardware tool; in other words, rp1210 hardware tool must understand the rp1210 sent from the PC application and return the requested information, or in some rp1120 just a receipt of the command. Tell us your Phone. Initialization of the hardware tool, i. By using this site you agree to receiving cookies.

This also requires time rp1210 associated with every single message so that the software application can distinguish which message that was sent first. The rp1210 should be done by the hardware tool. The communication could be accomplished by rp1210.


Subscribe to our Newsletter. Since every vehicle manufacturer had their own rp11210, the repair workshop rp1210 wanted to analyze and repair several brands had to have rp1210 tool for each brand.

RS, USB, rp1210 maybe some wireless protocol. RP API includes standard functions and routines for communication i. This way no unnecessary messages have to be sent all rp1210 way thru to the PC. When a rp110 tool has rp1210 chosen or found the specific DLL for this hardware has to be loaded.


The RP rp1210 made it possible rp1210 use the same hardware tool for all brands. Figure 1 shows the connection principles. Resetting of the hardware device. Rp1210 the application automatically searches for a tool connected to the PC.

Setting and resetting of filters.