But the 3D part lacked a lot of functions, which were removed to improve overall performance. Z-buffer with 16 bit bus was optional. In Unreal , for example, there were problems with distortions on the ground textures caused by a bug with the board’s subpixel accuracy function. No Mystique can display textures in Shogo and 3dmark First decision is if to leave default 2: It features a unique anti-aliasing technique called fragment anti-aliasing that provides very high quality claimed 16X-equivalent MSAA.

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In Unrealfor example, there were problems with distortions on the ground textures caused by a bug with the board’s subpixel accuracy function. Drivers in this section are zipped using the -RP option.

Mystique jga their most feature-rich 3D accelerator inbut still lacked key features including bilinear filtering.

Mystique has DAC integrated mfa the core and plain synchronous memory interface to reduce board complexity and costs much below expensive Millennium. It does have a hardware transform and lighting unit but it is not Direct3D 7 compliant.

mga (4) – Linux Man Pages

Memory controller millenniim in charge of depth comparison. A later version increased clock speeds but also eliminated AGP 2x 3. It runs fast at x, but I feel slowdowns in complex scenes.

Quake games look just as bad like d3d titles, for all the hardware limitations. With regards to 2D, G was excellent in speed and delivered Matrox’s renowned analog signal quality.


There are also a number of OEM models with different specifications. This so called stipple alpha was Matrox’s choice until G, worst implementation of alpha blending imaginable. It is built on nm manufacturing instead of G’s nm and typically does not need a heatsink. Unreal and Unreal Tournament may display an incorrect, overly bright image.

Matrox G200

The killer combo of lack of fogging, filtering and proper blending View Matrox screenshot gallery Incidentally OpenGL games can give a hint of Matrox’es Simple Interface, because Techland wrote a driver based on MSI library for their game using Natrox 3 engine. The driver has a checkbox for fog table emulation, but it does not change anything visually.

Use dmy dates from January All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December AroundMatrox introduced a newer version of G, called GA. Limited feature set prevents quite a few games from working mgx or at all on the Mystique. Overwrite the older ICD in the Windows directory.

Matrox Millennium graphics card – MGA W – 4 MB Overview – CNET

NET Framework, even if version 2. Fortunately Matrox Overclocking Tools are fun to play with once you get magrox to the formula. G was one of the first cards to support this feature [ citation needed ].

Its intended audience was CAD users and others who desired high-performance, high-resolution GUI acceleration and was highly-priced accordingly.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Matrox G series, especially the Ge is still a popular choice for server motherboard manufacturers, like DELL’s PowerEdge series, due to its robustness, low power consumption and limited features needed just for Nga display.

Newer revisions of Mystique do not want to texture from system memory, so Direct3d compatibility with 2 Mjllennium is too low to be bothered. Matrox Mystique Let me skip some of the long history of the company and start with the inception of MGA- 64 bit Matrox Graphics architecture.

Unlike Millennium these boards had friendly pricing and still good GUI performance as one would expect from Matrox. But strange things happened with SG, after base clock the benchmark results were not improving anymore, like if the board denied to be clocked higher. In mqtrox beginning of the nineties the mission was to bring workstation class performance to a PC.

This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat With early Matrox 3d cards things are not so simple if you are looking for maximum. There is also a G chip which was OEM-only.

As drivers matured these problems disappeared.