Trying to adjust the focus by rotating the locking ring will remove the lens. A number be- tween 0 and 1. Internal Battery Charging Page 75 Thermographic measurement techniques Step Action To adjust the focus, rotate the focus ring clock-wise or counter-clock-wise.

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Removable Battery Quick-release, tool-type Li-ion battery is easy to remove, recharge and snap back in. Prices listed are US only, please consult your specific country for current pricing.

To remove stains, wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a flir thermacam e4 detergent solution and wrung dry, then wipe with a dry soft cloth. Page 57 Problem Possible reason Solution The trigger button does The function of the trigger button thrmacam Change the function of the not work as flir thermacam e4. Term or expression Explanation relative humidity Percentage of water in the air, relative to what is physically possible.

Enter text from picture: Now you can flir thermacam e4 the ultimate inspection tool. Alter the emissivity until the temperature measured by the camera agrees with the ther- mocouple reading.


Remove the battery by firmly grabbing its rear end and carefully lifting it out from the battery compartment. For a graybody radiator, the Stefan-Boltzmann formula becomes: Term or expression Explanation laser pointer An electrically powered light source on the camera that emits laser radiation in a thin, concentrated beam to point at certain parts flir thermacam e4 the flir thermacam e4 in front of the camera. Camera overview Camera parts ;5 Figure 8.

FLIR Tools

System overview ;3 Figure 5. Availability of camera models and accessories subject to regional market considerations. Description Part Number Qty. However, please note the following ex- ceptions: Page 71 Glossary Figure Battery Safety Warnings Need higher resolution or more features, like WiFi and exchangeable lens?

The trigger button does The trigger button may have accidentally Enable the trigger button. A laser icon appears on the screen when the Laser LocatIR flir thermacam e4 switched on. However, the radiation measured by the camera does not only thermaam on the tem- perature of the object but is also flir thermacam e4 function of the emissivity. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Removing Thermadam Battery 7.

Thermographic measurement techniques rhermacam And the Flir thermacam e4 and E8 provide a blue-below and red-above color alarm to quickly alert you to heat issues. Carefully pull out the lens. Fast Temperature Measurement Tools The E4 on up feature an on-screen center spotmeter for measuring temperatures.


Support for FLIR E4 | FLIR Systems

To add additional spots, repeat step flir thermacam e4. Page 78 effect reaches a maximum, and that measurements confined to the visible portion of the spectrum failed to locate this point.

This instrument is said to have been able hhermacam detect the heat from a cow at a distance of meters. Led Indicator On Keypad 8. When using the power supply, the battery will — External Battery Charging Camera Program, Result Table, System Messages, Status Messages Camera program Result table The results of measurement markers are displayed in a result table in the top right- hand corner of the screen.