Regarding stability to the vantage point the area of operation is rather narrow. Of course, also the price has to be reasonable. Its runtime is between 1. The maximum brightness was At a closer look the Compal also rates high in other aspects. Review Compal FL90 Notebook. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

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Although it may appear to black, Compal FL90 is actually dark blue. However, Fn and Ctrl keys are reverse than usual. Only the display cover yields a little bit under pressure. The display, although made by LG. Review Compal FL90 Notebook. It is often said, that no-names differ from brand laptops basically because the lack of a logo.

The size of the keys is generally very good, except of the small enter key. Its runtime ranges from one hour to above three hours. If the notebook is held upside down, the display cover will open for about 1.


Be this as it may, the Compal FL90 looks quite nicebut not outstanding. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Temperature Because of a powerful GPU, the notebook gets considerably warmer under load. This especially annoys when using the touch pad.

Furthermore, the hinges are designed in a way that makes in impossible to open the notebook with one hand. The biggest weakness of the Compal FL90’s case is that the transport hook is missing. The base unit is very solid The keyboard is tightly attached.

In practice with standard settings and WLAN enabled the runtime will be probably around 2 hours. Under load the fan operates continually and occasionally at higher speeds.

We could test two batteries supported by the FL Performance and hardware were considered far more important than the look. vl90

Nevertheless, it is very good touchpad – it’s precise, sensitive and has nice sliding properties. The keyboard is alright. Genesis Rising x, high details, AA on fps The benchmark tests prove the good performance of this video card.


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The touchpad’s dimensions are 6. The top case is made of matte plastic and the display cover is coated by metallic paint. Cimpal, unplugged regular work should be possible for about 3 hours. Its runtime is between 1.

Clmpal sound quality is relatively good. Its buttons are hard to press on the edges. It is a solid notebook, without any fancy, unnecessary details.

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Order of the Phoenix x, balanced details fps Even a single mouse movement will cause the fan to run more frequently. Some of them do not look so good. Typing on this keyboard is rather quiet – only Caps Lock, left Shift, Enter, and space bar are a camers louder. It has been manufactured by LG.