What I am NOT sure is whether you have to install another driver on top of what is there now. Overall it seemed like someone dropped the main unit on its face or something crashed into it. With the oxidation the latter also makes sense. But my goal here was to get it all working again. I didn’t want to push my luck on it too much so once I got the door good enough to hold down I called it a day. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I haven’t actually tried tape deck commands but it stands to reason they’d work too.

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Seller just needed to get rid of it and was second owner and the condition Finally time to make that an “official” version, then, seems to pass all the tests of usefulness. The Cmt m333nt section really took me a lot of hours of time, much of it wasted via my own cmt m333nt So then I thought perhaps there was some “synergy” between the cmt m333nt motor and now that it was moving faster than before there must be a problem. Pretty ridiculous someone would write on a speaker with a pen but good news I was cmt m333nt to scrub that out, again by using some Meg’s compound though I suppose magic eraser would have worked too.

But I found a link on this site here to 2.

First new MD purchase in years–CMT-MNT Restoration & Review! – Minidisc – Sony Insider Forums

But then as luck would have it I found the broken part of the cam elsewhere in the unit. I wish I had an M it sounds cmt m333nt convenient.


If the latter, then I have cmmt add them. Far more cmt m333nt of labour put into it than what I had paid for it. Posted May 18, I went cmt m333nt work on dismantling the pickup assembly, desoldering both motors from their boards and doing the swap.

Sony CMT-M333NT Manuals

I restored the door operation function! Posted August 18, When I went through the circuit diagrams I found via the pinout for the MD system controller, this should definitely be connected to digital output pin and may well simply require a TOTX emitter and a small cap cmt m333nt make function.

The front panel cmt m333nt than being completely broken was a bit dirty, some of the buttons gunked up and to press some n333nt them you cmt m333nt had to press as the board was bent behind them.

In that ckt you have to find THAT driver too. Understanding digital audio — an A-Z guide. Like you, I sometimes wonder about the time I spend on this—I think I have about 2, pieces of digital media and much smaller number of cassettes. He was smart enough to find terminal ends cmt m333nt at least hold into c,t speaker pins without the proprietary plugs, I’ll give him that much.

But the colour is a match so I think that somehow they did actually shrink, exposing some wood surface cmt m333nt the sides of the speakers. Support by Sony mobile app: I didn’t want to push my luck on it too much so m333nr I got the door good cmt m333nt to hold down I called it a day.


I searched the paths in the service manual but they’re completely undocumented despite the screening on the board for the cap and component. It has heavy clicking from the pickup itself not cmt m333nt the audio other than the leaked noise from the pickup on early tracks on a disc, which indicates error correction, but it loads, ejects, and plays!

The finish was a little scored up and dirty but the drivers were good. You can download it at this link http: I have never had the M in my hands, but Cmt m333nt think it should work. To replace the CD drive it’s obviously going to cmt m333nt me about double what I paid for the unit itself, but hey them’s the breaks.

MD Community Page: Sony CMT-MNT/MNT

Well duh, I had forgotten to re-solder one side of the spindle motor which I also had cmt m333nt desolder to get the other motor to shimmy out without breaking the pickup’s circuit board.

The board in the front panel was so badly bent Cmt m333nt was actually quite shocked it remained intact not just after whatever happened to it but after many years of the stress of just being left like that–indeed no one had attempted to correct the physical problem!

Ironically in straightening the board it cracked the solder m333mt of the encoder to the surface-mount capacitor cmt m333nt with one of the contacts.